From the RCP Handbook (2015): 

"The Wildlands and Woodlands (W&W) initiative is a collaborative 50-year effort to protect 70 percent of New England as forest permanently free from development. This broad vision seeks to incorporate forested, farmed and developed land in a way that protects the immeasurable economic, environmental, and cultural benefits provided by our natural landscapes. W&W envisions an expanding amount of acreage devoted to local, sustainable agriculture, compact development, and local communities that adopt sustainable transportation, energy, and land use policies. W&W is based on the conviction that we must better understand natural systems, manage them wisely, and conserve them for future generations. To learn more about W&W, visit"

Although RCPs were established in New England as early as 1994, many RCP leaders were inspired by the 2005 and the 2010 Wildlands and Woodlands vision reports. They are not alone. People from all over the country and the world read these reports and heard their brilliant calls to action as evidence they were on the right track. Closer to home, groups in NY inspired by W&W, formed RCPs as the means to achieving their version of W&W.

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