Here are our responses (in italics) to questions used to help identify elements of any organization’s mission statement:

Q: What do we do?

A: Build the capacity of RCPs, coordinate, and collaborate.

Q: Why do we do it? 

A: Conserve and steward more land.

Q: How do we do it?

A: Networking, sharing best practices, training, fundraising, and collaborating with each other and regional partners.

Q: For whom do we do it?

A: RCP members, regional partners, and ultimately the landowners, residents, and whole communities of our region and neighboring regions.

Q. What is our value proposition to members?

A: Easier cross-boundary and cross-sector collaboration with RCPs, regional partners, and other current and potential partners. An annual RCP Network Gathering; New and enhanced sources of funding; 

Draft Mission Statement: We use the power of networking, innovation, and coordination to advance the pace and practice of large landscape conservation and stewardship in New England and Eastern New York. We make it easier for RCPs and regional partners to learn from each other, grow, and collaborate to achieve their missions.