Our Guidance Documents

Draft Mission Statement for the RCP Network

Here are our responses (in italics) to questions used to help identify elements of any organization’s mission statement:

Q: What do we do?

A: Build the capacity of RCPs, coordinate, and collaborate.

Q: Why do we do it? 

A: Conserve and steward more land.

Q: How do we do it?

A: Networking, sharing best practices, training, fundraising, and collaborating with each other and regional…

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Resulting Priority Actions for RCPs and the RCP Network by Draft Goal

The goals (e.g., Advance the pace and practice of landscape conservation) and objectives (e.g., Region-wide media campaign...) listed below were the result of a strategic planning process at the 2015 RCP Coordinators Meeting. The activities (e.g., LI Sound Watershed RCP Program) listed under most objectives are efforts that are or will be advanced by RCPs and the RCP Network in 2018-2019.

The RCP Network…

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