Lincoln, MA

Please name your RCP or the reason you want to join the RCP Network

Resilient Taunton Watershed Network

What has your RCP or organization done that others will be interested in learning?

Landscape mapping for ecological resilience www.massaudubon.org/mappr Engaging communities in the links between natural landscape conservation and climate resilience

What are you interested in working on with other members of the RCP Network?

Innovative approaches to broadening the support for land conservation and integrating that into municipal planning and land use. Broadening partnerships across a diversity of communities, stakeholders, agencies, and groups.

Activity Feed

Heidi Ricci commented on Tamsin Flanders's blog post Collaborative Land Use and Conservation Planning: Lessons from the 2018 RCP Network Gathering “Local Zoning and Regulation for Land Protection” Workshop
"This is a superb summary of the importance of connecting land conservation groups with local planning, land use regulations and municipal officials. A great quick reference guide on a crucially important topic!"
Jan 25, 2019