Poughkeepsie, NY

Please name your RCP or the reason you want to join the RCP Network

I'm a trainer and consultant specializing in behavior change for conservation and based in the Mid-Hudson Valley. I'd like to join this network to provide insights and services to RCP Network members.

What has your RCP or organization done that others will be interested in learning?

For most of 2018, I have held in-person workshops with conservation academics and practitioners on how to apply behavioral insights and communication strategies to motivate action and change in their communities. At the start of 2019, I will be launching an online version of this workshop to allow more participants to attend and learn, to be followed by textbooks and additional learning opportunities throughout the year.

What are you interested in working on with other members of the RCP Network?

I'd like to help RCP Network members apply more effective techniques for communicating with their audiences and communities in a way that motivates action and sustained change.