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Please name your RCP or the reason you want to join the RCP Network

As Senior Conservationist with Highstead Foundation, I serve as the Coordinator of the RCP Network. I serve as the co-coordinator of the Northern Appalachian Trail Landscape Partnership and the co-chair of the Land Protection Working Group of the Hudson to Housatonic (H2H) RCP. I am also on the Steering Committee of H2H.

What has your RCP or organization done that others will be interested in learning?

The Hudson to Housatonic RCP (www.h2h.org) recently completed a strategic conservation map, a partner agreement, and project endorsement guidelines. H2H RCP completed a two-year landowner outreach and engagement initiative. Through that work, we reached over 3000 landowners and encouraged dozens to plant native species that enhanced climate resilient habitats and protected water quality. Families also stepped forward to begin the process of putting easements on their land due in part to being inspired by H2H.

What are you interested in working on with other members of the RCP Network?

I am interested in exploring how our network of RCPs and regional partners might coordinate and collaborate just like an RCP. There is no limit to what we can do together!

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  • Hi Bill,

    Thank you for reaching out to me and for welcoming the Rappahannock-Rapidan Conservation Partnership aboard! I look forward to learning from the shared expertise through this forum.

    I will certainly look into hosting a page through this site, and I'll poke around to find additional resources.

    I look forward to an opportunity to discuss the Parntership further with you. Hope you and yours are healthy!

    Maggi Blomstrom, PEC 

  • Hi Bill! Thanks for the welcome. I would love to connect with Cheryl. Thank you!

  • Thanks for the info!  I actually was forwarded that post by Ed Hood, which made me aware of the group.

    On another note, I worked with Highstead a long time ago trying to install some software (Melange) for you collections management software.  I worked with a man named Ted and someone else...  This was probably 15 years ago now...  It was just starting out, but had a great mission!

    Thanks again!

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The USDA Forest Service is partnering with the Trust for Public Land on an informational webinar on the Community Forest Program (CFP) on October 13, 2020 at 1:00 PM. The webinar is going to be recorded and posted on the National CFP website.
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I recently offered a brain dump to an RCP asking about governance, and I came up with this list. What would you add or change?

Staff and leadership:
Coordinator (selected) and any other staff (facilitators)
job description
work plan
body that…
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The Northeast Forest Network (NFN), our sister network which is also coordinated by Highstead Foundation, is excited to launch the STAND UP FOR FORESTS campaign and wants to invite you to investigate our new website and the Forests Make Us Healthier…
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August 27, 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM Collaborative Fundraising: Moving From Scarcity to Abundance Learn how your organization can raise more money with partners and peers Hosted by the Maine Association of Nonprofits Register here. Pay what you…
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The CA Landscape Stewardship Network welcomes RCP Network members to join their upcoming webinar, “Conservationists Without Borders: Lessons from (Inter)national Partners.” The aim of the panel is for leaders in the field to share insights and…
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The Long Island Sound Regional Conservation Partnership Program (LISW-RCPP) has announced its 2020 healthy forest reserve program grant round for Vermont only. The enrollment period runs from June 23 to July 24, 2020.
The purpose of the LISW-RCPP…
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In many Zoom meetings I've been attending, when there is a check-in, people talk about how they're dealing with the pandemic, with social distancing, and trying to balance their work and family life under these extraordinary circumstances. In these…
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"Welcome, Maggi! I heard about your new partnership from David Lillard who is now coordinating the Heart of Maryland Conservation Alliance. I would love to learn more about your partnership. If you're interested, your RCP could have a page here on…"
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Hi all, I was just made aware that NRCS is seeking comments on the interim rule for their Regional Conservation Partnership Program. All RCP partners looking to access $millions for conservation easements and programming should at least know about…
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Click here to access the Conservation Job Board from Academics for Land Protection in New England.
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"Hey, Emily, welcome to our Network's home away from home! Let me know if you would like a tour of this site. Cheers,
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"Hi Elizabeth,
Welcome to the RCP Network!
I am wondering if as part of the NPS, you work with trails and or anything to do with the Appalachian Trail or the New England Scenic Trail. 
We've got a meeting coming up next Wednesday of the Northern A.T.…"
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Welcome to the RCP Network!
Any chance you’re registered for the 10th Annual RCP Network Gathering tomorrow? I’d love to meet you in person. 
I look forward to learning more about your foundation’s work and objectives. We’re very…"
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If you plan to attend this year's RCP Network Gathering at UMass Amherst, please register. We're nearing last year's total registrations and still have almost three weeks to go, which means we'll definitely close on 11/6.  Click here to learn more.…
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