Martinsburg, WV

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I am the Landscape Partnership Manager for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy's Landscape Conservation initiative (the A.T. Landscape Partnership). My role allows me to engage with partners up and down the Appalachian Trail in order to accelerate the pace of conservation within the landscape.

What has your RCP or organization done that others will be interested in learning?

The A.T. Landscape Partnership—led by ATC and the National Park Service—safeguards the wild, scenic and culturally significant values of the A.T. and its surrounding lands while also increasing the chance of economic prosperity in towns and communities along the Trail.

What are you interested in working on with other members of the RCP Network?

Streamlining internal communications and assisting with external messaging so that a variety of stakeholders are present for and engaged in these important conversations.

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  • Welcome, Anne!

    Thanks for joining our online community of RCP leaders. I hope you feel free to take advantage of the network and this site to share info about the ATLP and learn about others' activities and strategies. 

    If it's alright with you, I would like to introduce you to our regional communications manager, Cheryl Daigle, who's also a member of the Network.

  • Welcome, Anne!

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