In New England and New York, non-profit land trusts, private landowners, state agencies, and municipalities have established a solid history of working together in creative and strategic ways to protect our forests, clean water, and the communities–both human and wild—that depend on a healthy environment.

Conservation easements are an important tool that allows private landowners to contribute to the protection of open space in their communities while retaining ownership, land values, and rights of particular importance to the landowner. Plus there are tax benefits to donating a portion of their easement's value. 

Now, land trusts and state agencies can add even more value to the conservation easements they hold in their region while helping to protect additional rare species habitat and other values throughout the Long Island Sound Watershed and the Southern New England Heritage Forest. 

Click here to learn more about the two landscape conservation initiatives the Network is currently supporting and how you can download and upload documentation of eligible match to release federal funding for land protection, restoration, and stewardship.