Hancock and Washington Counties, Maine

The Downeast Conservation Network (DCN) is seeking a part-time Coordinator. DCN works region-wide to connect conservation, research, education, and people in Downeast Maine.

DCN has identified three primary goals:

Goal 1. Initiate conversations about visions for the future for Downeast Maine, including connections between conservation, research, education, and people across the region.

Goal 2. Help Downeast Maine build capacity to maintain its natural landscapes and thriving human communities.

Goal 3. Develop funding for the Network so that it can serve as a sustainable resource for the region.

The network follows these guiding principles:
1. Promote the mutual well-being of human and natural communities;
2. Add value by communicating and making connections between conservation, research, education, and individuals (not duplicating effort);
3. Continually assess community needs and priorities;
4. Identify areas of research important to the region’s climate resilience, biodiversity, and economic well-being;
5. Provide research resources and make data widely available for groups working on local conservation and education.

Title: DCN Coordinator
Reports to: DCN Steering Committee
Nature/Hours: Part-time contract position, with flexibility based on project needs and funding (grants)
Start Date: December 2018
Deadline to apply: November 9, 2018