RCP Stats

Coordinator: Rachel Rouillard; Abigail Lyon 

Contact Info: rachel.rouillard@unh.edu; abigail.lyon@unh.edu

Year started: 2011

Mission Statement:
“We seek to continue to provide opportunities for existing and new members to work together in areas that contribute to our common goal, a clean, safe and sustainable water resource in the Salmon Falls Watershed. ”

General Location: Salmon Falls River Watershed, SW ME/SE NH

Acreage of Area Covered by Partnership: 150,508

Acres Conserved by Partnership: n/a

Number of Partners: 18

RCP Status: Maturing

Website: https://prepestuaries.org/initiatives/salmon-falls-watershed-collaborative/

RCP Activities


  • Sharing successes of individuals and groups doing great work in the watershed
  • Protecting drinking water
  • Outreach to landowners, municipalities, communities
  • Partner collaboration/information sharing
  • Volunteer opportunities

Current Activities:

  • Action Plan for protecting drinking water in the watershed has been completed
  • A top priority action is to facilitate permanent protection of lands most important for producing clean drinking water and the collaborative partners are working on both landowner outreach and implementation of land protection projects

Current Project Highlights:

  • Every summer we host the Salmon Falls Watershed Success Safari to highlight great work being done by individuals and groups in the watershed.

Previous Projects/Accomplishments:

  • In 2012 the Salmon Falls Watershed Collaborative was awarded a US Water Prize from the US Water Alliance.

Links to featured projects: