The Collaborative is a dedicated group of professionals, community members and scientists working to protect the Saco River Watershed in Maine and New Hampshire.  The Saco River provides drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people. Forests, shoreland buffers, wetlands, aquifers, small streams, lakes and ponds, and rivers are all part of a system that collects, filters, and stores water. Members of the Collaborative have joined together to protect the irreplaceable water resources and benefits that come from the Saco Watershed.

Although source water protection is the top priority for the Saco Watershed Collaborative, our action strategies include: (1) engaging and inspiring all to take action to sustain water in the Saco Watershed; (2) protecting water quality through pollution prevention and restoration of degraded waters; (3) supporting land conservation and stewardship to protect water quality; and (4) promoting and enforcing LID strategies, stormwater + wastewater BMPs, and land use development that protect water.

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