RCP Stats

Coordinator: Jim Bonesteel

Contact Info:  jim@rensselaerplateau.org or info@rensselaerplateau.org

Year started: 2006

Mission Statement:
“The Rensselaer Plateau Alliance (RPA) works with the community to promote and facilitate the conservation of the undeveloped and unfragmented forests and other ecologically important areas of the Rensselaer Plateau region. These possess many significant natural features and provide many benefits including natural habitats for plants and animals; forest products, recreation and most important, water and air quality.”

General Location: Rensselaer Plateau, East Central NY

Acreage of Area Covered by Partnership: 120,904

Acres Conserved by Partnership: 12500

Number of Partners: 5

RCP Status: Conserving

Steps Taken in Forming Partnership:

  • Engage landowners and/or municipal officials in your region
  • Engage state agencies, federal agencies, and/or philanthropic organizations

Funding sources:

  • Federal grant or program (Forest Legacy, Land and Water Conservation Fund, USFWS Pittman-Robertson Act funding, USFS Community Forest Program)
  • State grant or program (Environmental Protection Fund)
  • The Conservation Fund

Website: https://www.rensselaerplateau.org/working-forest-initiative

RCP Activities


  • Mapping/establishing conservation priorities
  • Securing funding
  • Landowner engagement (workshops, materials)
  • Website design/easily accessible outreach materials [Community forests, recreation/trails, community engagement, peer exchange]

Current Activities:

  • Greenprint
  • Municipal and landowner outreach
  • In the process of implementing a US Forest Legacy funded project involving 15 landowners - 12,348 acres.

Previous Projects/Accomplishments:

  • FY16 Forest Legacy grant. 12,348 acres $5.5 million.

Links to featured projects: