RCP Stats

Coordinator: Brian Hotz, Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests

Contact Info: bhotz@forestsociety.org

Year started: 2002

Mission Statement:
“The Quabbin-to-Cardigan Partnership (Q2C) is a collaborative, landscape-scale effort to conserve the Monadnock Highlands of north-central Massachusetts and western New Hampshire. The Q2C partners have shared vision of consolidating the permanent protection of the region’s most ecologically significant forest blocks, and key connections between them for wildlife passage and human recreation.”

General Location: Monadnock Highlands of north-central MA and western NH

Acreage of Area Covered by Partnership: 1,896,697

Acres Conserved by Partnership: Through the Q2C Land Transaction program, the partnership has awarded $973,050 to 95 projects and helped conserve 33,000 acres of land

Number of Partners: 31

RCP Status: Conserving

Steps Taken in Forming Partnership:

  • Draft a vision, mission statement, goals, and/or objectives
  • Develop a governance structure
  • Develop an RCP website
  • Develop a strategic conservation map
  • Engage landowners and/or municipal officials in your region
  • Engage state agencies, federal agencies, and/or philanthropic organizations

Funding sources:

  • Philanthropic Foundation
  • Individual Donors

Website:  https://q2cpartnership.org/

Social Media: Facebook

RCP Activities


  • Strategic mapping
  • Small grants (land and trail)
  • Landowner engagement
  • Securing funding
  • Education/workshops

Current Activities:

  • Protected > 90,000 acres (as of 2012)
  • Regional conservation mapping with focus areas.
  • Provided small grants that advanced land and trail projects witiin focus areas

Previous Projects/Accomplishments:

  • The Q2C has been running a re-grant program to our members to provide them funding to cover transactional cost on conservation projects and trail work. We are on our 12th year of offering grants.

Links to featured projects: