RCP Stats

Coordinator: Doreen MacGillis; Christine Bennett

Contact Info: dmacgillis@yorklandtrust.org; kitterylandtrust@gmail.com

Year started: 2002

Mission Statement:
“To conserve the diverse landscapes encompassing the York River, the Brave Boat Harbor Estuary,Gerrish and Cutts Islands and the Mt Agamenticus region. Ten Partners: The Nature Conservancy, Maine Coast Heritage Trust, Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge, Maine Inland Fish and Wildlife Service, Trust for Public Lands, York Land Trust, Great Works Regional Land Trust, Kittery Land Trust, York Rivers Assoc., Wells National Estuarine Reseach Reserve”

General Location: Coastal York County, ME

Acreage of Area Covered by Partnership: 49,887

Acres Conserved by Partnership: 4051

Number of Partners: 10

RCP Status: Conserving

Steps Taken in Forming Partnership:

  • Draft a vision, mission statement, goals, and/or objectives
  • Develop a governance structure
  • Develop an RCP website
  • Develop a strategic conservation map
  • Engage landowners and/or municipal officials in your region
  • Engage state agencies, federal agencies, and/or philanthropic organizations
  • Craft a compelling case statement
  • Coordinate or collaborate to conserve land as an RCP
  • Navigate a significant transition in leadership, funding, priorities, or organization

Funding sources:

  • Large and Small NAWCA
  • Land for Maine’s Future Program
  • Maine Natural Resource Conservation Program
  • Land bonds and municipal appropriations from Town of York, Kittery, Wells, South Berwick and Eliot
  • Elmina B. Sewall Foundation
  • Jessie B. Cox Foundation
  • Davis Conservation Foundation
  • Morton Kelly Foundation
  • Fields Pond Foundation
  • Ralph E. Ogden Foundation
  • Ram Island Trust,
  • Kennebunk Savings, etc.
  • Individual donors
  • RCP Member supported

Website:  http://www.mta2c.org/

Social Media: Facebook; Youtube channel

RCP Activities


  • Securing funding
  • Mapping
  • Recreation/education
  • Restoration projects
  • Outreach
  • RCP leadership structure
  • Joint funding proposals
  • Branding your RCP (video, website, logo, map) & reaching broad audiences
  • Engaging new sectors/partners (health)

Current Activities:

  • 14,031 acres protected in the focus area thus far
  • Current collaborative capital campaign with 1,500 acre goal - previous collaborative campaign raised over 20 million dollars in land and capital
  • Strategic climate-informed strategic conservation planning
  • Enhanced outreach and community engagement work and promoting municipal financial support for conservation

Previous Projects/Accomplishments:

  • Received Nature Conservancy grant for organizational capacity support
  • Raised $8.4M as part of joint Capital Campaign
  • Developed strategic communications plan to engage new supporters, build community support for town conservation bonds, and other municipal funding
  • Supported passage of significant municiapl funding for conservation projects in all six MtA2C towns
  • Developed new user-friendly website, one-minute video, and increased social media presence
  • Secured transaction costs grant
  • Conserved 747 acres, and 250 in progress
  • Produced detailed ecological resilence maps for MtA2C region
  • Engaged in several new partnerships to advance community conservation projects and programming

Links to featured projects: