RCP Stats

Coordinator: Mike Wilson, Northern Forest Center

Contact Info:  mwilson@northernforest.org

Year started: 2015

General Location: Foothills and mountain region in western Maine

Acreage of Area Covered by Partnership: 892,214

Number of Partners: 14

Funding sources:

  • State grant or program
  • Philanthropic foundation

Website:  http://www.mainewest.org/

RCP Activities


  • Interdisciplinary/cross-sector approaches
  • Recreation

Current Activities:

  • Building on conservation success to advance community revitalization through promotion of Active Communities, Broadband Adoption, and Educational Aspirations
  • Capacity Building
  • Multi-sector community organizing

Previous Projects/Accomplishments:

  • Secured purchase and sale agreement on a 950 acre community forest property
  • Launched a regional broadband planning process
  • Launched a local hiking/outdoor recreation challenge

Links to featured projects: