RCP Stats

Coordinator: Bryan Wentzell

Contact Info: bwentzell@mainemountaincollaborative.org

Year started: 2016

Mission Statement:
“THE MAINE MOUNTAIN COLLABORATIVE is a coalition of statewide, regional and national conservation and forestry organizations convened to address new forest conservation challenges and opportunities in the Maine Appalachian Mountain Corridor. We bring a shared focus to raise awareness of the region and innovate new financial strategies to accelerate the pace and scale of forest conservation and restoration in one of the world’s most intact temperate forests.”

General Location: Maine Appalachian Mountain Corridor – Northwestern Maine

Acreage of Area Covered by Partnership: 5,000,000

Acres Conserved by Partnership: 30,000

Number of Partners: 7

RCP Status: Conserving

Funding sources:

  • Operational: foundation grants, individual donors
  • Conservation projects: Legacy, LWCF, NRCS, LMF, private donors, foundation grants

Website:  https://mainemountaincollaborative.org/

RCP Activities


  • Education/outreach
  • Strategic mapping
  • Conservation finance
  • Climate change resiliance
  • Transaction grants
  • Partner engagement
  • Funding strategies (501(c)(3) status)
  • Branding your RCP (video, website, logo, map; audience - decision makers)
  • Engaging New Sectors/Partners

Current Activities:

1.) Raising profile of the Maine Mountain Region

2.) Innovating Conservation Funding

Current Project Highlights:

Links to featured projects: