RCP Stats

Coordinator: Tim Abbott (Greenprint Director); Connie Manes (Greenprint Manager)

Contact Info:  tim.abbott@hvatoday.org; connie@manes-consulting.com

Year started: 2008

Mission Statement:
“Saving our Farms, Forests, Freshwater, Wildlife and Recreational lands through collaborative Action in Northwest Connecticut and beyond”

General Location: Litchfield County, CT

Acreage of Area Covered by Partnership: 641,216

Acres Conserved by Partnership: >6,000 (3,400 acres pending)

Number of Partners: 33

RCP Status: Conserving

Steps Taken in Forming Partnership:

  • Draft a vision, mission statement, goals, and/or objectives
  • Develop a governance structure
  • Develop an RCP website
  • Develop a strategic conservation map
  • Engage landowners and/or municipal officials in your region
  • Engage state agencies, federal agencies, and/or philanthropic organizations
  • Coordinate or collaborate to conserve land as an RCP

Funding sources:

  • Federal grant or program: Highlands Conservation Act (more than 1,640 acres conserved to date); LISW-RCPP; ACEP
  • State grant or program: Open Space Watershed and Land Acquisition Grant Program
  • Philanthropic foundation: Anonymous Family Foundations
  • Individual donors
  • RCP member supported: Annual dues of $500 or $250 based on member operating budget
  • Cox grant Jessie B Cox ($100,000 Donated Land and Easement Program)

Website:  http://litchfieldgreenprint.org/

Social Media:  Facebook

RCP Activities


  • Conservation finance (including transaction grants and Greenprint partners Pledge Fund)
  • Mapping/strategic planning
  • Transaction support
  • Capacity building
  • Advocacy
  • Landowner outreach/support
  • Stewardship
  • Engaging municipalities
  • Partner engagement

Current Activities:

  • Regional conservation mapping with targets
  • Multi-parcel land protection projects
  • Conservation finance for regional projects
  • “Follow the Forest” multistate conservation vision
  • Advocacy
  • Outreach/education
  • Capacity building
  • Information sharing/coordination

Previous Projects/Accomplishments:

  • Awarded Sponsor of the Year by AmeriCorps NCCC as first-time sponsor in 2017
  • Nearly doubled the number of grant applications for state-funded land acquisition program in 2017
  • Teed up municipalities for increased farmland protection funding by having local important farmland soils officially mapped by NRCS
  • Mapped all recreational trails within 28 town Regional Council of Governments and created web-accessed interactive map
  • Raised nearly $1 million through Greenprit partners Pledge fund
  • Leveraging $6.6 million and protecting more than 1,640 acres in two states
  • HVA Provides $250,000 to State of Connecticut to Protect 420 Acres in Norfolk (Greenprint Partners PF) (July 2018)

Links to featured projects: