Fundraising & Conservation Finance

RCP members seek to increase funding for their conservation activities (e.g., land protection) in one or more ways that include:

  • Collaborating on grants to close on individual member projects in a planned, staggered manner (decreasing competition)
  • Collaborating on private, state, and federal grants
  • Linking RCP-endorsement and funding to accelerate conservation of lands of highest importance to the RCP 
  • Facilitating multi-landowner, multi-partner land protection projects
  • Developing accounts that direct funding to cover transaction costs, project mgmt. time, and some % of the acquistion costs for projects that help achieve RCP priorities.

Here are the RCPs that have secured funding as an RCP:

RCPs that specialize in joint-fundraising including use of capital campaigns:

RCPs that have expertise in administering transaction costs funds and small grant programs:

RCPs whose host partner organizations have administered internal grants on behalf of the full partnership: