As H2H (Hudson to Housatonic) continues to grow as an RCP, we are looking for other RCPs willing to share their project endorsement protocols, especially those that have been used successfully. We're envisioning a checklist that conservation partners would use to measure their projects against. If their project met a threshold of attributes, it would be eligible for an RCP endorsement and, possibly, a shared transaction cost fund, for example.

Does anyone have a project endorsement protocol to share? Guidance would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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  • Thank you so very much Karen, so kind of you share what you have come up with. 

    I think that you may be able to copy and paste to this reply location.

    However,  feel free to email me at

    FYI "grb" stands for Goose Rocks Beach...the most beautiful place on earth (after the view from Mt. A of course!) 

    Thanks for reaching out Karen.



  • Hi Mary Ellen.  The Mt Agamenticus to the Sea Conservation Initiative has a grant application that it uses to make decisions about and disperse funds for transaction costs to partners - under a Jessie B. Cox Trust Donated Land and Easement Transactions Fund grant.  We tried to develop a form that is user-friendly, brief and follows standards and practices.  We have found it to be very useful for quickly but comprehensively evaluating projects.   I am happy to share it - though I am not sure how to upload it to this site.  Best, Karen

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