Here is an opportunity to be counted among the large landscape conservation initiatives in the nation and around the world.

The Network for Landscape Conservation (NLC) invites you to take their survey (click this link here: 

The RCP Network is a member of this international network and Highstead serves on the NLC's Coordinating Committee. As a member of the RCP Network, you are automatically a member of the NLC, but you are more than welcome to engage this network on your own, and you would do well to be counted among the landscape conservation initiatives around the country and world.

Also, by completing the survey, you will help advance our shared understanding of this rapidly growing and evolving field, capture and share best practices and lessons learned, and facilitate connections with practitioners and others involved in landscape-scale conservation well beyond the Northeast.

Please complete the survey by Friday, January 6th. As an incentive and small thank you for sharing your time and expertise,  your name will be entered in a raffle, and two survey respondents will each receive a $100 REI gift card.

We also encourage you to forward this survey to your landscape conservation colleagues. For further background, here is a short FAQ about the NLC and the survey:

Thank you!

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