The RCP Network Steering Committee is proposing we establish a fundraising committee of RCP coordinators and leaders to coordinate outreach to funders, applications to foundations and agencies, and development of communication materials that support increased funding for RCPs.

The RCP Network Fundraising Committee (FC) will seek to follow-up on our successful relationship with the Jessie B. Cox Trust by engaging other potential private and public funders. A FC with representation from each state and a subset of RCPs would benefit from the deep and broad fundraising expertise among RCPs in the region and would be better equipped to develop and execute strategy with all RCPs in mind. 

We're seeking nominations immediately and hope to have a group of fundraising committee nominations (self-nominations included) to review at our June 26 RCP Network Steering Committee meeting.

Information on FC Steering Committee and member roles and responsibilities can be found here> DRAFT RCP Network Fundraising Committee Roles and Responsibilities.docx.

Please contact RCP Network Coordinator Bill Labich at or 413-658-5308 if you're interested in serving or are in need of more information.




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