I am looking for examples of Requests for Proposals for appraisals. I think that any RFP of this nature will be helpful as a starting point.

In this particular case, I am interested in attracting proposals for appraisals on a number of properties that will have similar conditions and constraints. Specifically, these appraisals are part of the LI Sound Watershed Regional Conservation Partnership Program - HealthyForest Reserve Program. Constraints will be placed on how much wood can be harvested from the property. Therefore, the appraiser will need to be a professional forester as well as an appraiser.

Please email me with draft RFPs, and also the names of any appraisers you know who have these qualifications (email: blabich@highstead.net).

We'll make this and every other document and tool we've developed for this program available to RCP Network members.

Thank you for reading and for considering my request.



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