The Publication Power of Collaboration in Ecology

I am a sucker for those movies where all the superheroes join forces to fight evil and save the world from destruction.

Maybe this explains why I love learning about regional and global science cooperatives, collaboratives, and partnerships.

Its sort of the same thing only researchers don't wear spandex outfits, and their superpowers are linked data sets.

I just learned about another one that focuses on the impact of nutrients on grasslands called NutNet.  100 sites!

This recent post from the College of the Environment at the University of Washington about NutNet got me thinking what our scientific superheroes involved in ALPINE can do to thwart environmental evil in the region as they join forces with their RCP allies.  

Read more:  The Publication Power of Collaboration in Ecology

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  • Recently, I was speaking with my fellow H2H co-coordinator about how I wish RCPs or other efforts as bold, optimistic, innovative, accessible and productive were around in my twenties and thirties. No more spinning my wheels! Camaraderie with fellow conservation warriors who believe purpose and getting good stuff done are more important than ego!
    And yet, individually and together, the best of what we have to offer is still in the works - more potential than kinetic energy. And, as we mature and connect with groups and networks like ALPINE, we will move forward in leaps and bounds. The next ten years are going to be amazing!
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