In many Zoom meetings I've been attending, when there is a check-in, people talk about how they're dealing with the pandemic, with social distancing, and trying to balance their work and family life under these extraordinary circumstances. In these sharings, I hear concerns for others, uncertainty, and anxiousness punctuated by gratitude, strength, hope, innovation, and resilience.  4421888874?profile=RESIZE_710x

According to resilience researcher Lucy Hone, resilient people have three strategies that help them get through tough times. 

Resilient people:

  • Know that suffering happens and that it’s part of every human existence.
  • Are good at choosing, carefully, where they place their attention – on the things they can control. Resilient people tune into the good and don’t lose what they have to what they’ve already lost.
  • Ask themselves, is what I am doing helping me or harming me?

I wonder if these strategies also apply to regions, communities, and networks? 

What does resilience mean to you? What does a resilient community look like? A resilient region? 

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, or write a blog in response. 





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