peer exchange (2)

When RCP coordinators come together for their annual meeting the day before the Gathering, it’s a chance for these leaders to delve into big questions about the practice of collaborative conservation and get support from peers who have encountered similar challenges. For the second year running, organizers have embraced an Open Space Technology model in lieu of a more traditionally structured meeting, in order to maximize time for participant-driven discussions around the issues coordinators mo
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New RCP Exchange (Grant) Program

The RCP Network Steering Committee is piloting the 2017-2018 RCP Exchange Program with funding from Highstead.

Up to four grants of $2500 are available to enable leaders from "Giving" RCPs to help "Receiving" RCPs learn a new skill or implement a strategy or set of tools, for example. 

First, RCPs seeking assistance are invited to fill out this online "Training Statement of Interest" by June 1, 2017.

Over the summer, we'll share without attribution the subjects, tools, or needs of these RCPs

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