conservation mapping (2)


Illustration by Marc Boudreaux

Dear RCP Network partners, 

Conservation mapping models can inform conservation decisions, provide a better understanding of natural resource distribution, and prioritize areas for conservation. The Norwalk Urban Conservation Mapping Project is a new tool developed by the Hudson to Housatonic RCP, the Norwalk Land Trust, and Highstead

As a follow-up to H2H's 2018 rural and suburban strategic conservation mapping efforts, we decided to dig deeper into one of our

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Is all conserved land created equal? For many animals and plants facing warming temperatures and dwindling habitats, the answer is no. One of the greatest challenges in conserving biodiversity is that coveted plants and animals are often already on the move, fleeing habitats that will become inhospitable in the near future due to rising global temperatures, increased flooding, and other climate changing forces. 

So where will these organisms go? And where should we prioritize conservation? For t

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