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Making the Case for Land Conservation

What do Stamford, CT; Bethel; ME, and Grand Lake Stream, ME have in common? They were able to bring communities together to invest in conserving land by focusing on – and delivering on – the economic value to the community.

Highstead has developed three case studies centered on the stories and experiences of these three New England communities. The case study summary and the individual case studies can be printed and downloaded as a communication tool to help translate the true economic value of

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NRCS recently announced that up to $300 million in funding would be made available for the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP).

Background on RCPP:

The deadline for applications is December 3, 2019. NRCS will be hosting a webinar Thursday, September 26 at 3pm to provide information about the application process. (Webinar logistics are being finalized and will be posted on the website.)

For more informat

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Conservation Funding Announcement


The Long Island Sound Regional Conservation Partnership Program  (LISW-RCPP)

2019 Agricultural Conservation Easement Program - Agricultural Land Easement Grant Round

​for Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island Only

Enrollment Period: July 22, 2019, to Sept. 20, 2019


The purpose of the LISW-RCPP - Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP) - Agricultural Land Easement (ALE) grant round is to assist landowners, on a voluntary basis, in helping to restore, enhance and protect forestla

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Two key characteristics of successful efforts to conserve land in New England and eastern New York are generosity and innovation in conservation funding. A new finance tool, in this case to protect water quality and conserve rare species habitat in the Long Island Sound watershed, exemplifies those characteristics. RCP member land trusts throughout the watershed, which spans six states, have donated the value of select conservation easements as “match” to release $2.8 million in federal funding

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Lately I have been telling anyone who would listen that the W&W vision has become a full-on movement. W&W is a freight train. We may have slowed a bit to pick up some cargo. But in the spirit of Woody Guthrie, this train is bound for glory, this train. And glory is a future in which our great, great grandchildren inherit our wildlands and woodlands, farmlands and communities.
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The Long Island Sound Regional Conservation Partnership Program (LISW-RCPP), of which the RCP Network is a partner, is pleased to announce their 2016 Healthy Forest Reserve Program Grant Round (June 1, 2016, to August 1, 2016). The LISW-RCPP has developed a pre-screening application process to help NRCS direct $3.25 million in HFRP funding to highly ranked land protection projects. Highly rated projects will promote the recovery of endangered and threatened species under the Endangered Species A
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