Final Round of the RCP Innovation Grant Program!

The Jessie B. Cox Trust Charitable Trust Fund announced the final round of grants to increase the capacity of Regional Conservation Partnerships (RCP) in New England. The deadline for proposals is Feb. 1, 2017.

Grants (up to $20,000) will be awarded in late Spring 2017 for proposed activities that will help an RCP move forward more quickly from maturing to fully conserving. These activities include developing and implementing conservation priority plans, strategic action plans, landowner outreach projects in the focal areas, and capital campaigns. For more information on these activities, look to the RCP Handbook.  Winning proposals will also demonstrate innovation and help advance the field of regional conservation.

As the Jessie B. Cox Trust website notes,"The true test of an innovation fund is the degree to which it supports the development of a big idea – a way of seeing better, a way of working better, and a means for making sense of complex problems.  A big idea should be concrete, express a useful theory, and suggest an immediate and practical application or set of next steps."

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