Hello everyone,

      I wanted to share with those of you who might work in the Berkshire Wildlife Linkage (Staying Connected's Greens to Hudson Linkage) that there is funding available to cover the due diligence costs for donations or steep bargain sales of land or easements.  The Berkshire Wildlife Linkage Partnership was awarded a generous grant from the Jessie B. Cox Charitable Trust Fund at The Boston Foundation.  TNC is the fiscal agent for this grant, and we are soliciting applications for funding.  Round 1 applications are due July 1st, with a rolling deadline thereafter.

      The application below includes instructions for how to use our online map at bit.do/linkagemap to determine eligibility.  I have been getting some good questions from groups in CT and VT.  Even if you are outside of MA, you can still use this map to see if the land you are thinking about is within the Linkage boundary.  If it is not, unfortunately it is not an eligible project for funding.  If it is, contact Jessica Dyson (contact info in the application) for help determining whether it is core habitat, an priority corridor, or along a priority road segment in your state.


       I welcome questions, even if you're in the very early stages of deciding whether or not to apply.  Please don't hesitate to reach out.




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  • Thanks, Bill! Yes, any RCP in New England can apply for this great source of funding. As you noted, unfortunately NY partners aren't eligible to apply for due diligence grants.
  • This is great news, Laura. Thanks for posting the announcement on rcpnetwork.org. Just a couple of comments. First, I think it would be helpful for RCP Network members to know that the grant your RCP received from the Jessie B. Cox Charitable Trust was made through their RCP Donated Land and Easement Grant Program (http://www.jbcoxtrust.org/?page_id=201). This grant program was made possible through all the very good work of RCPs over the years and the RCP Network more recently. It's a grant program available to any RCP in New England. Which brings me to my second comment. Projects outside of New England are ineligible for these funds even if they are located within the bounds of the Berkshire Wildlife Linkage. In other words, a project in NY, even within the linkage bounds would be ineligible. Which just means, we've got to find a New York source of funds for this kind of program.
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