It seems you can't swing a dead cat without running into a multi-sectoral partnership these days.  

The good news is that we are learning more about what makes them tick and how to get them up to speed faster.

This article, How Multi-Sector Health Partnerships Evolve, for example, looks at the phases of development in partnerships that seems applicable to what I've seen among RCP's.  

The health partnerships are regional too!  The other thing that caught my eye was the organizational diversity of their partnerships. I have a theory that the more organizationally diverse RCP's are going to be the movers and shakers in the next ten years because they have more capacity to work multi-sectorally.  

But take a look a the cool chart below and see if it speaks RCP to you.

One of my favorite warm-up exercises is to share a similar framework or model of phases of organizational development and ask folks to locate where their own organizations fall in the model.

Its a good introduction activity because it often sets up the conversation about where an organization is been, where it struggles, and where it wants to go.

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