Do these prognostications apply to your vision of the next decade of RCP innovation?

Time for Big Change — 10 provocations for the next 10 years of social innovation

I liked Sector Focus to Place Focus

I seems like more RCP's are joining the "community conservation" bandwagon.

They are engaging a broader set of allies with interests that dovetail with land conservation.

Complex systems geek, Indy Johar says place trumps sector:

Much of our current allocation of investment and intervention has to date been made on a sector basis — Health, Education, Well-being etc, indeed even the Sustainable Development Goals are structured largely in this manner but increasingly we are recognising that in a systems world — the apparent efficiency of bundling activity in the form of sectors no longer translates to an efficacy of outcomes.

Social investment in a village — requires a full system intervention — from irrigation, sanitation, health, education to access to markets — focused on leveraging the spill overs of each “sector”. Similarly driving dramatic change in educational outcomes — is reliant on a multitude of “sectors” from housing, culture, health, environment.

Increasingly we are recognising in a systems world — place (a proxy for dense system interactions & spill overs) is a more effective means of organising for real system change and impactful social investment.

I only wish I could dig up some examples in the RCP network that could illustrate this kind of innovative organizing....(hint, hint)

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