On November 7-8 in Westborough, MA, natural resource professionals who work within and manage water supply forests are invited to a workshop to consider the impacts of climate change on forested watersheds with particular emphasis on water supply management. This event will provide opportunities to learn more about current and anticipated effects of…

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Webinar: Conducting Easement Monitoring from the Air: Tips and Tricks

Join LightHawk to learn more about conducting aerial monitoring flights to survey your Land Trust’s conservation easements. Saving our partners on average 75 hours of staff time for every hour of flight, aerial easement monitoring is a great addition to your easement monitoring toolkit. We’ll hear from Jeremy Puckett of Colorado West Land Trust and LightHawk volunteer pilot Robert Keller, Jr. about what has worked well for them, and how to best prepare for these types of flights. Date: May…

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Jobs and Internships

Williams College Center for Environmental Studies (CES) is seeking internship postings from RCP members and other organizations and agencies.

Williams College CES has dozens of capable, passionate, smart and hardworking students who are looking for environmental summer internships. The CES provides stipends to students (assuming they are in good standing and the position meets our criteria) who find unpaid environmental internships in the public and non-profit…

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Mission Statement

Draft Mission Statement for the RCP Network

Here are our responses (in italics) to questions used to help identify elements of any organization’s mission statement:

Q: What do we do?

A: Build the capacity of RCPs, coordinate, and collaborate.

Q: Why do we do it? 

A: Conserve and steward more land.

Q: How do we do it?

A: Networking, sharing best practices, training, fundraising, and collaborating with each other and regional…

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If you plan to attend this year's RCP Network Gathering at UMass Amherst, please register. We're nearing last year's total registrations and still have almost three weeks to go, which means we'll definitely close on 11/6.  Click here to learn more.…
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