US Forest Service Community Forest Program Webinar

The USDA Forest Service is partnering with the Trust for Public Land on an informational webinar on the Community Forest Program (CFP) on October 13, 2020 at 1:00 PM. The webinar is going to be recorded and posted on the National CFP website. The purpose of the webinar is to: • Provide an overview of the Community Forest Program and the current Request for Applications; • Share information about the legislative history and future outlook of the program, • Present some successful projects, and •…

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What do we mean by Governance?

I recently offered a brain dump to an RCP asking about governance, and I came up with this list. What would you add or change? Staff and leadership: Coordinator (selected) and any other staff (facilitators) job description work plan body that oversees coordinator Host partner (identified in an MOU with core partners)/Fiscal agent Member/Partner Agreements and Guidelines for Actions Partner/member Agreement / MOU Data-sharing agreement Press release protocols Project endorsement guidelines…

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Draft Mission Statement for the RCP Network

Here are our responses (in italics) to questions used to help identify elements of any organization’s mission statement:

Q: What do we do?

A: Build the capacity of RCPs, coordinate, and collaborate.

Q: Why do we do it? 

A: Conserve and steward more land.

Q: How do we do it?

A: Networking, sharing best practices, training, fundraising, and collaborating with each other and regional…

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Marc Boudreaux posted a blog post
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Dear RCP Network partners, 
Conservation mapping models can inform conservation decisions, provide a better understanding of natural resource distribution, and prioritize areas for conservation. The Norwalk Urban…
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March 31--a Virtual Policy Forum on the Future of Landscape Conservation: Pathways to a Just and Equitable Future.
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April 1--Rescuing the Planet: A Conversation with Author Tony Hiss
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The group Massachusetts Coastal Pine Barrens Partnership was featured
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The group Massachusetts Coastal Pine Barrens Partnership was featured
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