RCP Network Priority Actions

Resulting Priority Actions for RCPs and the RCP Network by Draft Goal

This list of activities was the result of a 3-hr strategic planning process at the 2015 RCP Coordinators Meeting.

The RCP Network Steering Committee is working to advance the blue bolded items in  2016. Which of these, interest you?

1. Advance the pace and practice of large landscape scale conservation and stewardship.
a. Work to increase funding and improve the process of federal and state funding programs.
b. Region-wide media campaign to promote conservation to landowners and towns.
c. Develop shared ecological priorities across the region and RCPs.
d. Engage non-traditional audiences with the most return on investment (e.g. ski areas).
e. Promote working forest and farmlands as a revenue source alternative to development.

2. Strengthen the effectiveness of RCPs.
a. Set up a mentoring program.
b. Create an RCP list-serv (calendar of training, info-sharing).
c. Create RCP-focused pitch material for funders.
d. Share ideas for funding (e.g. for coordination).

3. Facilitate investment in RCPs and their activities by regional partners.
a. Create synergy with the business community and involve them in RCPs.
b. Engage with public organizations on climate change issues.
c. Involve water suppliers in strategic planning and on the ground conservation projects.
d. RCPs reach out to local land use commissions.
e. Identify and create alliances with regional/state level agencies.
f. ALPiNE Network provides institutional and subject expertise to RCPs.

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