Match Inventory How-to

Adding value to these conservation easements is simple! 

  1. Identify any permanent forest and farmland easements on private land recorded after May 15, 2015, in which no federal funding was used.
  2. Determine if the project was located within the Long Island Sound Watershed. If needed, look at this map. Map instructions here.
  3. Confirm that the non-federal funding was not used as a match to other federal grants.
  4. Complete/use the appropriate letter template and forms and email the packet with a map of the easements to Bill Labich (

Highstead will input these factors into the pilot pooled match inventory:

  • Point of Contact Information – Name, position, organization, email, phone
  • Name of Project
  • Date project closed
  • Confirmation that land is privately-owned
  • Confirmation the land is forestland and or farmland
  • Type of permanent protection – must be a conservation easement or restriction
  • Acreage protected
  • The amount of unmatched non-federal funding used in the project, the value of which is based on an appraisal.

For more information on the Long Island Sound Watershed Pilot Pooled Match Inventor, please contact Bill Labich, Senior Conservationist with Highstead at and 413.658.5308. 

Thank you!